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Hot springs, volcanoes, rafting, fishing

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Focus Travel Company has an honor to offer your attention one of the best travel opportunities available - Kamchatka!

Tour to Kamchatka for Free
Kamchatka homestay. Good quality and reasonable price.

Kamchatka Winter tours


If You are tired of urban fuss and looking for enjoying pure nature,
it means that this information is for You.

Traveler, we invite You to Kamchatka, the wonderful country of ice and flame!

What is Kamchatka ? - It is 160 extinct and 28 active volcanoes.
Kamchatka tours is a unique chance to ascend the volcano, float down the river and try the best flyfishing, or visit Kamchatka native people settlement and watch the reindeers!

Kamchatka is the land of - brown bears, rivers full of Salmon, and very friendly people!

On our Kamchatka web we have tours for extreme travelers and fishing trips for people who like float down the river just enjoying beautiful nature views.

Snowboarding and downhill ski tours.
Vast verity of different Kamchatka mountain slopes with long and steep runs!
Winter tous, dog sledging and snowmobiles tours.
We offer heli ski and cross country ski tours.

We will take You to the famous Valley of Geysers,and You`ll see hot springs and glaciers, greed mountain slopes and thick snow during the middle of the summer.
We have helicopter tours to the tops of Kamchatka volcanoes and to the steaming geysers and hot rivers

Sea tours around the Pearl of Pacific ocean - Avacha bay.
You`ll see Orcas and seals, try deep sea fishing and visit the bird nesting colonies.
We make diving trips in Pacific area, and we have special offer of divers - volcano crater lake expedition!

During our Ethnological tours, we take our travelers to the areas where Kamchatka native people live.
You`ll learn the daily life of Kamchatka indigenous people, see their culture, original houses, pieces of art, and visit the local folk dancers performance.

All we`ve told You on this page is just a little part of the Kamchatka tours we organize.
So, feel free, open and explore our web site,
And who knows, may be the trip of Your dream is just two clicks away

Good luck,
yours "Focus Travel".
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Kamchatka pictures are made by:
Nick Pavlov, Oleg Zaremba, Alexander Kazeev, Vitaliy Lazo, Alexander Turushev, Mikhail Firsov, open public sources are used too.

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