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kamchatka                     The unique chance to conquer the highest volcano of Eurasia!    Klyuchevskoy volcano (15584 ft) is waiting for You!         kamchatka

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# 3017

Ascent the mountain Klyuchevskaya 4750 m + volcano Bezymyanny + Rafting on the river Malkinskaya Bystraya.

Tour dates: July - September
Duration: 17 days / 16 nights
Tour code: # 3017
Tour cost $ 1796 - per person

Information note:

Klyuchevskaya group of the volcanoes-
It is situated in the central part of Kamchatka peninsular in the lower reaches of the river Kamchatka, on its bend in an easterly direction.
By its structural position this group belongs to the largest clusters of volcanic structures in Kamchatka.
It is situated on the joint of two island volcanic arcs - Kurilo-Kamchatskaya and Aleutian.
Total area is 4 thousand miles. There are 14 volcanoes in this group.
Gigantic dimensions of the volcanoes, their dense clusters on rather small area, strongly pronounced and diverse display of the active processes and also peculiar character of the products' structure and shape make this group inimitable and unique, it attracts scientists, tourists and climbers.

Klyuchevskoy volcano (15.912 ft)
- It is the highest volcano of Asia and Europe, and one of the biggest volcanoes in the world. Klyuchevskoy volcano is about 7000 years old. It is a stratum type volcano with the shape of even cone. The slopes of this volcano are covered with cracks, lava runs, and the top of it is all ice. There some small craters located on the slopes. Klyuchevskoy is an active volcano and we can see the eruptions from time to time.

Up to 1978 the height of Klyuchevskoy volcano was 15.584 ft. But after the eruption in 1978 the main crater was plugged and a new slaggy cone appeared on its top.
By 1989-90 this new cone almost covered the edges of an old cone and increased the height on the volcano more then 70 ft. The same year many lava runs went down the volcano slopes.

The most recent big eruptions took place from 1978 up to 1993. Klyuchevskoy volcano is still active and full of live.

The river Malkinskaya Bystraya -
is one of the largest Kamchatka rivers, having 4 rapids, it runs by the settlements Malki, Ust-Bolsheretsk. Very famous and popular among the tourist for rafting and fishing.

Temporary camps will be organized by your rafting guides. Every tent is double one (for two persons). Every day rafting period is 4 hours. All the rest time of the day is fishing. We use for our programs the following equipment: Sport Rafts,
Rubber rafts (PSN 10) Every raft carries a team of 4 tourists and 2 rafting guides.

Itinerary: Day 1.
Arrival. Meeting at the airport by the representative of "Focus Travel". Lodging at the Paratunka Hot Springs Resort hotel. Acquaintance. Preparations for the route. Rest, bathing in the pool. Lunch. Overnight (hotel).
Day 2.
Breakfast. Departure for the settlement Milkovo. Lunch (cafe). Than leaving for the settlement Kozyrevsk (4 h.). Spending the night on the bank of the river Kamchatka (tents).
Day 3.
Leaving for the Volcanologists' base (50 miles, by motor-car). Supper. Placing of the camp. Overnight (tents).
Day 4.
Breakfast. Walking tour to the volcanic cones of 1975. Visit to the cones, fumaroles. Lunch. Excursion to the "Dead Forest". Overnight (tents).
Day 5.
The part of the route on foot along the slope of the volcano Plosky Tolbachik, visit to the craters. Than passage to the Base of Lunohodchiky ("Moon-buggies"). Overnight (tents).
Day 6.
Passage to the Tolbachinsky Pass. Overnight (tents).
Day 7.
Ascent the volcano Ovalnaya Zimina. Overnight (tents).
Day 8.
Passage to the Plotina (Dam). Overnight (tents).
Day 9.
Ascent the volcano Bezymyanny (7 h.). Excursion to the lava floods of the eruption in 1956. Overnight in huts (sleeping bags).
Day 10.
Walking part of the route to the river "Studyonaya" (6 -7 h.). Supper. Overnight (tents).

Day 11.
Trekking to the hill "Kopyto" ("Hoof") (4 - 5 h.). Supper. Overnight (tents).

Day 12.
Leaving for the settlement Kozyrevsk, departure for Milkovo and further to the settlement Malki. Bathing in the pool with thermal water. Overnight (tents).

Day 13.
Preparation and starting of the rafting on the river Malkinskaya Bystraya. Lunch on the bank, fishing. Continuation of the rafting. Fishing. Overnight (tents).

Day 14.
Rafting the river Malkinskaya Bystraya. Lunch on the bank. Fishing. Dinner. Overnight (tents).

Day 15.
Rafting on the river Malkinskaya Bystraya. Lunch. Rest, fishing near "Japan bridge". Supper. Making rafts ready for transportation. Leaving for the town PK. Lodging at the Paratunka Hot Springs Resort hotel, bathing in the pool. Overnight (hotel).

Day 16.
City-tour, shopping, visit to the museum of local lore, history and economy. Free time. Dinner. Overnight (hotel).

Day 17.
Breakfast, departure to the airport.

The price includes:

transportation airport - hotel - airport, getting to the route by 6 wheel drive Ural track (groups of from 5 up to 20 persons), lodging at the hotel, breakfasts; insurance.

on the route: hot meals three times a day, during the ascent - dry ration, service of the cook, guide, double accommodations in tents, over night in sleeping-bags.

The price does not include:
strong drinks.
Recommendations for the route:

This route does not require special travel skills, but it contains many natural obstacles. It is not recommended for the persons being in need of medical treatment and constant medical observation.

List of the recommended equipment:

1. Footwear: light trekking boots and gaiters are good for these routes. It is desirable to have Gore-Tex boots, or well impregnated leather boots. High hip-boots are good too. Ankle-high Gore-Tex boots. It is necessary to take high hip-boots two size larger than you have, in order you can wear them with a thick felt insole and two socks (one is thin and another is warm) or with foot binding. It is desirable to have light trainers for the walk in the bivouac and during the transfers.
2. Sleeping-bag  + rug (it's desirable)
3. Personal crockery (travel mug, bowl, spoon, fork)
4. Folding knife
5. Personal hygiene items
6. Clothing: field dress - trousers + weatherproof jacket (made of thick cloth - light tarpaulin, moisture- wind-proof cloth and so on) is preferable, because it is ventilated,
7. Moisture- wind-proof dress made of cloth like Gore-Tex or its analogues.
8. It's desirable to have a big rain-coat, covering the traveler with the rucksack. Underwear (thin flis, wool mixture and so on)
9. Underwear (thin flis or wool)
10. Trousers made of flis (wool)
11. Warm jacket made of flis (sweater)
12. Woolen (flis) cap
13. Warm gloves + moisture-wind-proof mittens (Gore-tex overmittens)
14. Socks: thin - 2 pairs, warm - 2 pairs (if you are in boots - 3 pairs). It's optimal to have socks made of wool and synthetic, "terry type", as they don't rub sore feet so much.
15. Mosquito net + insect repellent
16. Flash light (it's better if it can be warn on the forehead)
17. It's good to have warm waistcoat
18. Sun glasses
19. Flask
20. Telescope sticks (at the least 1) (it's desirable)
21. Personal first-aid set


1. On the route guides ensure the work of the primus-stove, camp-fire and helps cooking.
2. Porter service does not included in the tour cost, but can be organized.

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