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Kamchatka                  It is the time to advertise Russian tours!       We are looking for partners!        Every tour price is negotiable !                 Kamchatka

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Kamchatka, looking for partners!

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Kamchatka, looking for partners

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Our partners

If you want to become our partner :

Dear Sirs!
Our company works in the field of active tourism on Kamchatka.
We organize adventure tours such as wildlife viewing tours, ski-touring, horseback riding, rafting, dog-sledding, climbing, fishing and so on.

Looking for the collaboration, in promotion of Kamchatka travel programs we would like to make you a proposal concerning possible team-work.
We are open for any travel business ideas.

Feel free to contact us:

Our address:
Russia, Kamchatka region
Viluiskaya str. 79-38
tel: + 1(516) 874-2-874 (USA, New-York)
tel:+ 7(4152) 484-963 (Russia, Kamchatka)
tel/fax: + 7(4152) 466-740
Our mail: E-mail

Focus Travel.

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