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Путешествие на Камчатку, Travel Kamchatka
Путешествие на Камчатку, Travel Kamchatka
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Камчатка.  Вас приветствует дружная команда "Фокус Трэвел"    Наша основа - Профессионализм, Безопасность, Качество!              Камчатка ждет Вас в гости!                Explore Kamchatka with Focus Travel !      Our motto - Professionalism, Safety, Quality!      Kamchatka is waiting for You!

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Our team,

Dear Sirs!
We are a friendly team of Focus Travel young professionals full of energy and desire to work.
Being proud of the business we do, we love Kamchatka. Promoting active tours and traveling around Kamchatka, we know almost everything about the routes and destination we offer you to go.

Even native people who spent whole their life on Kamchatka are still amazed with the peace beauty of this place.
Focus Travel team wants to share with you the experience, knowledge and love to this miracle - Kamchatka!
"We have traveled and seen a lot on Kamchatka, and we want you to see more then we did!"

Join us and travel with us discovering your Kamchatka.
We do hope you`ll love our peninsula with all its virgin beauty as much as we do!

Let us introduce ourselves !
Travel Kamchatka information
Nadezhda Aleco.

Age 23.

In travel business since 1998.
Joined Focus Travel team in 2000
Was burn on Kamchatka, she is very fond of traveling and has the strong opinion that travel business the most interesting thing she wants to work in.

High quality professional.
Her responsibilities are: marketing and promotion.
Besides this, she is a qualified city guide.

Explore Kamchatka-Nadezhda


On top
kamchatka, kamchatintour, tourism
Tatyana Mikhaylenko   

Age 21

Joined our team in 2001.
Graduated from Moscow State Service University in 2005.
Being involved in various travel programs visited with our tourists a lot of remote areas of Kamchatka
High quality professional.

Her responsibility is: office managing.

Explore Kamchatka-Karina


On top
travel kamchatka, rafting, hiking, flyfishing
Constantin Namakonov.  

Age 29
Executive manager.

Works with Focus Travel team since 1999
Perfect top manager.
Graduated Kamchatka State University.
Fluent in English and Japanese languages.

Promoting our company services and Kamchatka travel programs, he participates in various workshops and conventions in Russia and abroad.

Explore Kamchatka-Konstantin


On top
Koryak autonomous region, siberia, russia
Igor Bushkov.  

Age 23
Professional cook.

You will hardly find unsatisfied travelers if Igor travels with the group as a cook.
His opinion - Males are the best cooks.
And he proves it every time he travels and cooks during short and long outdoor tours.

Explore Kamchatka-Igor


On top
Kamchatka travel, kamchatka tours, rafing, volcanoes,
       treking, hiking, fishing
Svetlana Drob.  

Age 21
Experienced cook.

Works with Focus Travel several years.
Specializes in sea food cuisine.
Taking into consideration national peculiarities of our guests original cuisine does her best cooking various kind of food.

Explore Kamchatka-Svetlana.


On top
kamchatka pictures, maps, travel kamchatka, siberia, russia
Alex Ignatyev.  

Age 39.
Professional driver.

Famous for his high level of safe driving.
Responsibility: safety and comfort of the passengers.
Before joining Focus Travel, for years used to be a public city bus driver.

Very mature and solid man.
His point of view - You are safer on board of his 6-wheal drive bus then at home in your favorite arm chair.

Explore Kamchatka-Alex


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Kamchatka pictures, maps of kamchatka, travel kamchatka, siberia, russia

Adventures Kamchatka travel

Yours Focus Travel.

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