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Welcome to Kamchatka!   Time to go to Russia!                Explore Kamchatka with Focus Travel !

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Welcome to Kamchatka!

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Our company,

Focus Travel Company was organized in 1995.
Since that time, we have been working as a tour operating company specializing on incoming tourism to Kamchatka and providing travel services on the internal Kamchatka travel market.

As general rules of our company we use principles of reliability, high quality and permanent improvement of our service
Thoroughly monitoring and analyzing the work of Russian travel business leading companies, we choose the best ideas and marketing decisions using them for development of our own travel products.

Promoting Kamchatka travel programs on the international market, our firm actively participates in biggest travel work shows and conventions.
For nowadays we have big variety of certified tours around Kamchatka and we own all necessary equipment for organizing any type of travel activity.
Our company provides and uses only high professional service: qualified guides, interpreters, drivers and cooks.

We do hope You'll be surprised with the variety of tours we offer.
As a part of our travel programs, You'll find: bear viewing trips, helicopter excursions, trekking to the volcanoes, fly fishing tours, and many other interesting tours around Kamchatka.

We take you down the Kamchatka rivers and put you on top of Kamchatka volcanoes, natural reserves greenery and vast lands of volcanic lifeless lava fields all of this will be the part of your journey here.
If you feel the spirit of adventures, if you like to see new parts of the world and discover new interesting places, if you like make new friends, Kamchatka is exactly the place you need to go!
And our friendly team will help you to see as much Kamchatkas miracles as possible.

Focus Travel invites you to become a discoverer and to make an amazing trip in the land of miracles which name is Kamchatka peninsula.
Kamchatka is waiting for you!

All of us are proud of the work we do and the place we live, we want to share with you the feeling of love to the beautiful land of Kamchatka.
We hope our warm attitude and real northern hospitality will make your visit here unforgettable.

Focus Travel

Our mail address:
Russia, Kamchatka region
Viluiskaya str. 79-38
tel: + 1(516) 874-2-874 (USA, New-York)
(we`ll pick up the phone on fifth call tone)

tel:+ 7(4152) 484-963 (Russia, Kamchatka)
tel/fax: + 7(4152) 466-740

Our mail:

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