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Путешествие на Камчатку, Travel Kamchatka
Путешествие на Камчатку, Travel Kamchatka
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Kamchatka, Natural parks, Nalichevo valley
Travel Kamchatka
Камчатка, Kamchatka
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Travel Kamchatka, volcanoes, rafting, hot springs

Welcome to Kamchatka!

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Volcanoes ascending + rafting + diving.
Helicopter tours.
Volcanoes ascending + rafting.
Fishing and floating.
Volcanoes ascending.
Winter tours, New Year Eve.
Ski tours.
Nalichevo valley.
Ethnographical tours.
Review tours.
Non commercial tours.
Focus Travel company is very glad to see you on our web and has an honor to offer your attention an amazing trip to the pearl of Russian Far East!

     If you are looking for unusual trip to the land of pure virgin nature, the adventure tour to clear mountain rivers and lakes, the endless space of brightly colored tundra and blue sky, we invite you to visit this wonderful place!

You`ll ask - "What place are you talking about?"
There are not too many places in the world where people can find such a beautiful nature with high volcanoes and green valleys, hot rivers and mountain glaciers, steaming geysers and bubbling mud pots. We are talking about Kamchatka.
We encourage you to let us show you this land of miracles.

For now we hope you have less doubts where to spend your vocation, where to go with the family or friends.
And do not listen to the people saying that Kamchatka is a boring and probably not interesting place.
Only that person , who has never been to Kamchatka can say so.
And that lucky man who visited this amazing peninsula will never forget the feeling of freedom. He will never forget what does it mean to be a discoverer.

As Kamchatka area is so surprising and so rich with different extraordinary things to see, that leaving, most of the travelers keep in mind the idea to come here one more time.
But you `ll realize all of this only if you travel around Kamchatka yourself.
And if it ever happens, it does not matter with our company or not,
you are welcome to our guest book to write a note and shear your opinion about Kamchatka peninsula with the other people.

We invite you to do this amazing unforgettable trip!
Our team`ll take care about every detail of your tour. You`ll not have to think where the best Kamchatka places are, and how to get there. We guaranty you the variety of tour options and incomparable quantity of interesting places to go. Optimizing tour schedule, we create the programs which allow our tourists to get the best impression of Kamchatka.
The members of our friendly team will meet you at the airport, and take care of you during the whole period of time.
Our company provides the tourists with the best hotels available, real food, and perfect service.

While traveling around Kamchatka with us we expect only two things from your side - to leave all the troubles behind you and not to forget to renew films in your camera!

Russia Siberia, Kamchatka, travel and tours
Hope to see You soon,

Focus Travel.

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