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Путешествие на Камчатку, Travel Kamchatka
Путешествие на Камчатку, Travel Kamchatka
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Камчатка, Kamchatka
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Kamchatka pictures


Here are some pictures of Kamchatka.
It is a bountiful place and we do hope you`ll enjoy this small virtual Kamchatka picture tour.
But as people say, - "It is good to see, but much better to experience..."
You are Welcome to Kamchatka !
Make your own wonderful pictures exploring Kamchatka with us!

If you have interesting pictures of Kamchatka, we encourage you to contact us using E-mail we`ll be pleased to display them in this part of our web.

    Kamchatka pictures    

Kamchatka tours Kamchatka, travel and tours Kamchatka, Petropavlovsk

back in Brussels I would like to thank you for your good organisation of the tour.
I really enjoyed it (and Yenny as well!). I think Kamchatka is a wounderful region (weather permitting!) and I sincerely would like to come back.
Next time perhaps a little bit more possibilities for bear viewing and to areas which are "off the beaten track" - but is there a track in Kamchatka?

Would be interested to stay in contact and hear about other possibilities to explore this amazing country!

Fritz-Harald Wenig.
Belgium, Brussels. (Kamchatka, July 2004)
На верх
          Fishing, salmon, flyfishing, rainbow trout, steelhead, king salmon, Kamchatka fishing
Avacha Kamchatka travel kamchatka

here is the first portion of our volcano tour pictures.
We`ve almost ate all the caviar we brought, but still have some left.
It is hot in Novosibirsk - +25 C, we even swam this weekend.
Well, water is not that warm… (but nothing can compare to the Pacific Ocean)!

Boulakhov K., Boulakhova I.
Novosibirsk. (Kamchatka, Aughust 2003)
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Kamchatka, Kamchatka pictures
Kamchatka, Avacha bay Kamchatka, volcanoes Kamchatka, flyfishing tours

Thank you for the Avacha bay tour!

Geotherm Co.
Kamchatka. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.
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Kamchatka, Avacha volcano Kamchatka, brown bear Kamchatka, the land of volcanoes

This summer we have visited Kamchatkav and floated down the Malkinskaya Bistraya river with Focus Travel team.
We have a lot of pictures developed!
Check the e-mail .))

Krasnoyarsk city.
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Kamchatka, Petropavlovsk hotel Kamchatka,dogsledging Kamchatka, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy

-I have read in newspaper that a lot of wild bears man-eaters are roaming on the streets of Kamchatka cities killing people.
Is that right ?


- Yes, this is 100 % newspaper truth, as usual.
That is why all the children of Kamchatka are using Santa Claus rein deer sledge to get to school :-)

Focus Travel.
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          Tolbachik, dead forest, Kamchatka pictures, volcanism, volcanic activity, eruption, Kamchatka
Kamchatka travel camp Kamchatka, tolbachick volcano Kamchatka, birds

Kamchatka. It rains and we drive to Tolbachick volcano.
Camel Trophy i seems to be a child game to compare!
As soon as we get home, the first thing we do, we`ll buy the same kind of six wheel drive Ural truck just like as yours.

InfoTel Co.
Kaunas city.

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Kamchatka, winter tours Travel Kamchatka Kamchatka, nature protection

It took time for us to decide to go so far.
And I would not say that it was a cheap tour.
But it was worth going. Well done Focus!
Kamchatka is a really cool place to visit!

Scremskiy A.
VAZ CarCenter. Tula sity.
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Kamchatka, travelkamchatka, kamchatka travelgroup tours
Kamchatka horseback riding tours Kamchatka, helicopter tours Kamchatka, to the hot springs

This summer we have traveled to Timonovskiye hot springs.
It was a 10 day horseback tour.
We liked it a lot.
Thanks to Focus Travel and their partners Alpindustriya travel equipment store.

Nick, Alyona.
Yelizovo city, Kamchatka.
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Kamchatka, Big chum Kamchatka, Chum Kamchatka, Alexandr Yastrebov

If you ever come to Kamchatka, ask Focus Travel to include a wonderful Big Chum excursion in your tour schedule.
This is a magic place were a wizard whose name is Alexander makes unbelievably tasty smoked fish, and cooks so many unusual food using some kind of magic recipes.
This kind of cuisine we`ve never tried before.
A very friendly and peaceful place, highly recommended.

Mike, Tatyana, Sergey, Veronika.

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          yastrebov, bars, Kamchatka singers
Kamchatka, flyfishing tours Kamchatka, Mutnovskiy volcano Kamchatka, ethnic tours

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