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This page contains News information concerning Kamchatka travel ivents.
News are subdivided into several theme parts.
We do hope this information will be interesting and useful for You.

P.S:If You have just returned from the route and have some new information which You consider to be important (new camping places, bridges condition, detours and so on)
We encourage You to share it with us.

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Travel Kamchatka.
Kamchatka travel news.  

  • (05.02.08) Level of snow.
    Congratulations, the Winter has started on Kamchatka.
    The level of snow on the volcanoes slopes is enough for skiing and snowboarding.

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    Company news.  

  • (05.11.05) New phone number.
    Now you are welcome to call us using our phone in the United States + 1 (516) 874 -2-874
    We do hope it`ll reduce your phone bills and help to save some extra money for travel!

  • (05.11.05) Private plane.
    From now Our company can provide you the service of Private plane flights around Kamchatka.
    We can arrange any kind of flights using AN 2 plane (capacity - 12 people or 1.4 tons of cargo)

    So if you plan to travel around Kamchatka and need to do some flights - moving hunters, anglers, do scientific research or make a movie, you are welcome to contact us.
    We fly winter time too.

  • (05.11.05) Our Web.
    Our web mirrors are available at www.kamchatkatrip.narod.ru and www.sunday.ru/focus
    We always glad to meet new people!

  • (05.11.05) Our Web.
    We have opened Kamchatka maps part of our web were you can download maps of Kamchatka. For now it is in Russian, but an English version is coming soon.

  • (05.11.05) Our Web.
    We have opened Kamchatka pictures for sale part of our web were you can order and buy an exclusive pictures of Kamchatka.

  • (01.01.06) Hunting and Fishing on Kamchatka.
    We have opened new web for hunters and anglerswww.kamchatkaoutfitters.com

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    Local travel authority news  

  • (01.01.06) In work

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