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Where and how to find a reasonable price accommodation.

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Dear visitors!

The hotels in Kamchatka are not numerous, and with all due respect to them, costs "in season" are high.
Question of unexpensive dwelling is one of the most important while planning any trip.
We are often faced with such a problem while planning our holidays (yes, you are right, we do travel and sometimes we are tourists ourselves :-)

That is why, we have put into practice reserving of privately owned apartments.
If you have decided to visit Kamchatka by yourself (without buying a tour in our company or somewhere else), but you still need unexpensive dwelling, we are ready to help you.
You pay your living from 30 $ a day (regardless of number of people), we reserve an apartment, when you arrive we meet you at the airport, take you to the place of living, and give the keys.
When your trip is over all the procedure goes in reverse order.
Compare - for today the average cost for room of 2 places in hotels of Kamchatka is 70 - 100 $ for Dbl.

Yours truly,
"Focus Travel".

P/S: Apartments are without hosts, all the conditions, kitchen etc.
We constantly check the quality of appetents we offer. .

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