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Kamchatka climate is characterized by extremely various and changeable weather, which is conditioned by the geographical situation, influence of the surrounding seas and the Pacific Ocean, movements of aerial masses and the relief.
The seacoasts of the peninsula have some traits of the sea climate.

The climate of central and northern regions is close to that of a continent.
In eastern regions a summer heat during one day can change into a cold drizzle reminding about late autumn, or into a mist with a piercing wind, and then the heat may again return.
A long snowy winter and a rainy autumn take almost 2/3 of the year.

The cold spring comes late, but the cold weather along the seashore is temperate, though damp and windy.
Only in the central part of the peninsula, between the mountains, the climate is close to that of a continent., The frost is 40-50C, and in short summer the July heat is accompanied by a serene weather.

The golden autumn in September is wonderful all over the peninsula.
The coldest part of the peninsula is the Central Kamchatka lowland (the average temperature in January here is -22C). .
The lowest temperature was registered in Milkovo region:-57C.
But the so-called "pole of cold" is Verhne-Penzhino, the settlement, where the lowest temperature (-64C) was once registered.
During the winter thaws take place all over the territory of the region, the temperature often rises to 5C (of warmth) in January and February.
The highest temperature on the seacoast and the islands is in August, and in the central part of the peninsula - in July.
The highest point of temperature was registered in the region of the village Dolinovka (+37 ).
The days on which the temperature rises to 20 C in Kamchatka are not numerous.
1-6 on the seacoast, 20-30 on the continent and 35-55 in the valley of the river Kamchatka.

Within the limits of Kamchatka region there falls more precipitation than in any other region of the country, and does not even by seasons.
The largest amount of precipitation - up to 2500 mm per year - falls on the eastern and southern mountain slopes of the peninsula.
In the Central Kamchatka lowland, protected from the influence of cyclones by the Sredinnyi and Vostochnyi ranges, this amount is on an average 400 mm per year.
In the north-eastern part the amount of precipitation rises again to 500-600 mm per year.
The lowest amount of precipitation is in the far south-western region - below 300 mm per year.
The summer in Kamchatka is rainy.
In wintertime the weather is extremely changeable, that consists in, for example, sudden snowfalls often accompanied by strong winds.
Sometimes, 100% (and even more) of the month's snow quota falls in one day.
On the whole the amount of precipitation all over the territory of the region is more in the cold period, than in the warm one.
And only on the western seacoast there falls more snow and rain in the warm period, than in the cold one.
In the Central Kamchatka lowland, protected by massive ranges from influence of cyclones a frosty and comparatively calm continental weather prevails.
In hot August and September days this region is very attractive for tourists' river hikes, though there is an essential hindrance to this tempting trips - plenty of mosquitoes and midges. So don't forget about the protection from them!

The south-eastern seacoast of Kamchatka, which has comparatively cool sea climate, is favourable for tourists' mountain hikes.
If the spring weather here is at times very unsettled and rainy, and snow melts only in May/June, then after the short summer (July-August) comparatively dry September and October, when sunny and warm cloudless weather prevails, come.
And this warm short summer in the region of the Avacha Bay most often changes into a sunny golden autumn, resembling the best autumn-time in the middle zone of Russia.
The volcano plateau with volcanoes above them at the south-eastern coast of Kamchauka are also worth seeing.
On the whole it is the mountain tundra, which attracts tourists in July-September not only by its beauty, but also by the absence of swamps, mosquitoes and midges.
The central part of the eastern seacoast, which is included into the eastern volcanic range - from the Shipunskyi Cape to the Kamchatskyi Cape - "is the "Promised Land" for tourists.
Wonderful volcanoes - Karymskyi,Bolshoi Semyachik and Malyi Semyachik of Krasheninnikov are situated here,they are picturesque and comparatively low, what makes them suitable for climbing for "strong" tourists without special mountaineer training.
Here are situated such unique and rare regions, as, for example, the Uzon Volcano Caldera with its hot lakes and springs and the Geyser Valley, which are a "Mecca" of the tourism in Kamchatka.

The environs of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyi and the Avacha lowland at the foot of the Avacha- Koryak range of volcanoes have the temperate sea climate.
They are protected by the volcanic range, which prevents sea winds from reaching the eastern sea coast.
This region attracts tourists by a longer summer with the average daily temperature of 14C (July - the first part of September), by a dry autumn with the average daily temperature of 10C (the second part of September-October)
Autumn months on the south-eastern seacoast are comparatively warm and sunny.
The autumn season with average daily temperature above 0C sometimes even takes the first ten-days of November.
The distribution of cloudy days is also interesting for tourists.

The North of Kamchatka is characterized by an abundance of cloudy days (150-260), which is caused by the flat relief, which doesn't prevent the nebulosity from the cold Ohotsk sea from going deep into the heart of the peninsula. That is why summers here are often dull and cloudy.
On the south-east of the peninsula the cloudiest and the foggiest weather is in the gorges of mountain seacoast, cut by fiords.
The study of the fiords and their glacial accumulations is an interesting theme for the tourists-explorers.
The number of cloudy days decreases towards the eastern direction, and is 160 on the south-eastern seacoast.
The temperature rate, nature of precipitation, some other climatic factors and also geological structure and the relief conditioned modern glaciation.
In all there are 414 glaciers in the region. Their total area is 871,1 km?.
They are situated mainly in high mountains and volcanoes.
The end of summer and the autumn are surely the best time for journeys and taking photos of the magnificent volcanoes.
Winter routes in dog and deer sledges are rather exotic. And the fast ride among the sublime, white from snow giants will take your breath away.

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