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Путешествие на Камчатку, Travel Kamchatka
Путешествие на Камчатку, Travel Kamchatka
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Kamchatka - free tour.

Dear travelers!
The free-of-charge trip to Kamchatka is real!
Our company carries out the action the purpose of which is popularization, development and promotion of the Kamchatka travel programs.

Having purchased 4 places in a tourist group for Kamchatka, tour leader receives the full free-of-charge service.
You only pay for your abode and air flights.

You are bothered with the stuffy office, road jams, and overcrowded city?
4 tourists and we'll provide you the full free-of-charge service at one of our Kamchatka magic routes.

You can find out all the details, via - E-mail

Best wishes,

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