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Kamchatka, Klyuchevskoy volcano

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Helicopter tours!  (#2005)

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# 2005

The Valley of Geysers - Kurilskoye lake - Khodutkinskiye hot springs - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy

Tour dates: program starts 25th of May and ends 15th of October.
Duration: 1 Day
Tour code: # 2005
Tour cost $ 1200 - per person

Information note:

The Valley of Geysers -
is one of the best discoveries of the 20th century. Unique and inimitable in its beauty, the Geyser Valley became popular with tourists all over the world.
You will visit a canyon of unique, almost fantastic nature, admire the beauty of active and extinct volcanoes, mountain ridges, taiga spaces, rivers and lakes.

The Valley of Geysers is almost inaccessible, which helped its nature to remain in nearly natural wild condition. Such marvelous landscapes and great opportunities for taking photos you won't get anywhere else!

Kurilskoye lake -
is the largest in Kamchatka spawning-ground of salmon.
It is situated on the territory of the State Zakaznik Yuzhno-Kamchatskii, which is included into the checklist of World Heritage of UNESCO.

Due to plenty of fish a brownbear often appears on the lakesides. For watching them an observational tower was built.

Khodutkinskie hot springs
On the south of Kamchatka at the foot of the volcanoes Khodutka and Priyomish, there is one of the most beautiful places in the whole peninsula - Khodutkinskie hot springs.

This hot springs are situated in the volcanic explosion tunnel. Khodutkinskie hot springs can be called almost the largest springs in Kamchatka.

Day 1.
Arrival to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, meeting at the airport by the representative of "Focus Travel", transfer to the resort hotel (Paratunka resort zone), accomodation.
Dinner, rest, swimming in the termal water swimming pool, supper.

Day 2.
Breakfast. Transfer to the heliport. Flight (helicopter Mi-8) to the Valley of Geysers (flight around Karymsky and Maly Semyachick Volkanoes), walking excersion around the Valley of Geysers (an experienced guide will tell you the history of the Valley of Geysers and the theory of geyser functioning.
Dinner. Flight back, transfer to the resort hotel, supper, rest.

Day 3.
Breakfast, transfer to the helicopter.
Flight to excursion to the Kurilskoe lake, excursion on a motor boat through the lake to observe the brown bear of Kamchatka, the run of salmon and the places of abord of the colonies of birds on the seashore.
Flight to Khodutkinsky hot springs. Dinner, swimming in the springs.
Return to the heliport, transfer to the resort hotel (Paratunka zone), supper, rest.

Day 4.
Breakfast, transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Excursion around the town with visiting of museums, shopping.
Dinner in the restaurant "Petropavlovsk". Return to the hotel, supper, rest.

Day 5.
Breakfast, transfer to the airport.

The price includes:

transfer airport- hotel- airport, excursion on helicopter to the Valley of Geysers, accommodation at the resort hotel, breakfasts; insurance.
On the route: three hot meals a day, + dry rations, services of the cook, the guide, accomodation - resort hotel, dbl.

The price does not include:
Recommendations for the route:

This route does not require special travel skills, but it contains many natural obstacles. It is not recommended for the persons being in need of medical treatment and constant medical observation.

List of the recommended equipment:

1. Footwear: light trekking boots and gaiters are good for these routes. It is desirable to have Gore-Tex boots, or well impregnated leather boots. High hip-boots are good too. Ankle-high Gore-Tex boots. It is necessary to take high hip-boots two size larger than you have, in order you can wear them with a thick felt insole and two socks (one is thin and another is warm) or with foot binding. It is desirable to have light trainers for the walk in the bivouac and during the transfers.
2. Sleeping-bag  + rug (it's desirable)
3. Personal crockery (travel mug, bowl, spoon, fork)
4. Folding knife
5. Personal hygiene items
6. Clothing: field dress - trousers + weatherproof jacket (made of thick cloth - light tarpaulin, moisture- wind-proof cloth and so on) is preferable, because it is ventilated,
7. Moisture- wind-proof dress made of cloth like Gore-Tex or its analogues.
8. It's desirable to have a big rain-coat, covering the traveler with the rucksack. Underwear (thin flis, wool mixture and so on)
9. Underwear (thin flis or wool)
10. Trousers made of flis (wool)
11. Warm jacket made of flis (sweater)
12. Woolen (flis) cap
13. Warm gloves + moisture-wind-proof mittens (Gore-tex overmittens)
14. Socks: thin - 2 pairs, warm - 2 pairs (if you are in boots - 3 pairs). It's optimal to have socks made of wool and synthetic, "terry type", as they don't rub sore feet so much.
15. Mosquito net + insect repellent
16. Flash light (it's better if it can be warn on the forehead)
17. It's good to have warm waistcoat
18. Sun glasses
19. Flask
20. Telescope sticks (at the least 1) (it's desirable)
21. Personal first-aid set


1. On the route guides ensure the work of the primus-stove, camp-fire and helps cooking.
2. Porter service does not included in the tour cost, but can be organized.

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