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Welcome to Kamchatka!     We are very glad to meet visitors on our website and on our peninsula too!                  Welcome to Kamchatka!     We are very glad to meet visitors on our website and on our peninsula too!

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Welcome to Kamchatka!

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About Kamchatka!

Kamchatka regions

      Kamchatka - is one of the miracles of the world and one of the most interesting sights in the wild nature of Russia.
This is the area of majestic mountains, huge volcanic lakes, moon landscapes of ancient eruptions, bubbling hot springs, and steaming geyser valleys.

There are more then 600 active volcanoes on the Earth and 29 of them are located on Kamchatka.
Mankind is familiar to dozens of active volcanoes with their amazing eruptions and activity.
We all know Vesuvius and Etna in Italy, Santorin in Greece, Fuji in Japan, Cilauza on Hawaii islands, Hekla in Iceland.
But there quite a few so called volcanic regions in the world with the same kind of natural beauty as Kamchatka.
Thus, Kamchatka peninsula may be called the Land of fire, the land of enormous geysers and hot springs, the land of adventures.

People compare Kamchatka with the huge Ship (if to have a look at the map, the peninsula looks like a big ship), with its` twenty nine "pipes-volcanoes".
This Ship goes - in the Pacific Ocean, and its` sail - white snow is filled with the wind.

Many people fell in love with Kamchatka and can not imagine their every day living without giant volcanoes, Pacific Ocean breakers, and the Far Eastern purl - Valley of Geysers.
They spend their entire life enjoying clear rivers full of salmon, endless space of tundra area, and deep blue sky of Kamchatka.

Kamchatka has been opened for the travelers not log ago.
The history of Kamchatka land is rich with events and famous people.
We all know the names of this people whose ships visited Avacha bay - Vitus Bering, Vladimir Atlasov, Ivan Kozirevskiy, Alexey Chirikov, Stepan Krasheninnikov, Vasiliy Golovin done a lot for Kamchatka exploring and developing.
Kamchatka met a lot of expeditions of different travelers, Kruzenshtern and Laperuse, Bering and Coock were guests of this land.

And nowadays a lot of people from all over the world come to visit Kamchatka.
Of course today Kamchatka offers less comfort to the travelers then Alska for example, but people who go to Kamchatka to travel understand that.
They are attracted by mystic spirit of this land and the wind of adventures.

We consider tourism to be one of the main kind of business on Kamchatka as this place is a real natural world treasure.
Our company does not support the idea of industrial development of the Kamchatka peninsula.
We do mind starting Gold mining and Oil recovery, heavy industry and nuclear power stations on Kamchatka.
We are looking for Kamchatka Eco future, for keeping swans on our lakes, salmon in our rivers and butterflies on the volcanoes slopes.
Kamchatka needs our protection and care.

For now there are 182 unique natural pleases and areas on Kamchatka where we take our tourists to show them the wild life beauty, Kamchatka is one of the regions on our planet, which Nature has been kept virgin and almost untouched.
And that people who called Kamchatka the land of miracles, the land of Ice and fire were right!
Big brown bears, rivers full of fish, fantastic shapes of volcanoes, hot springs and geysers, steaming valleys and thick glaciers all this things create unbelievable image of Kamchatka.

It is a very tender and sensitive land.
And that traveler who ever visited Kamchatka, never forgets this land as this land will never forget him.

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